Enhance Your ChatGPT Plus: Access TXYZ Plugin

Jun 5, 2023

Enhance Your ChatGPT Plus: Access TXYZ Plugin

ChatGPT's plugins extend its capabilities by allowing users to integrate specific functionalities, services, or datasets, enhancing customization for a broader and more personalized user experience. Plugins enable tasks like accessing additional information or performing specific functions, making ChatGPT more versatile and adaptable to individual needs.

We're thrilled to announce that ChatGPT Plus users can now access the incredible abilities of TXYZ through the ChatGPT plugin store. Proudly chosen as one of the initial 70+ global ChatGPT plugins by OpenAI, we bring you cutting-edge features to elevate your experience. Now, let's explore what the TXYZ plugin can do for you.

Natural Language Search

Effortlessly explore any topic of interest without needing to know specific jargon. Our system allows you to conduct searches using natural language, making information retrieval both intuitive and accessible.

Real Paper, No Hallucination

As is widely known, ChatGPT leverages its powerful imagination when answering questions, which can sometimes be less conducive to rigorous academic research. However, by incorporating our TXYZ plugin, it ensures that the feedback provided is based on authentic and sourced paper.

Various Methods Leading to Papers

Ask questions about ArXiv papers, specified by ArXiv id, URL or paper title, etc.

Compare Different Papers

TXYZ goes beyond just interpreting a single paper, it can extract in-depth analyses from different papers and even make comparison among them.

So, how do you use our plugin? Here are a few simple steps below.

  1. Click “ChatGPT 4”
  2. Select “Plugins”
  1. Enter the Plugin Store and search for “txyz” and install the plugin

  2. Remember to select “txyz.ai”, ChatGPT will automatically apply the plugin when you ask things about research papers.


In addition to the plugin, we also offer more options. TXYZ has a GPTs which has similar function as the plugin:


Please enjoy the pleasure of using TXYZ in ChatGPT!