Exciting Update: TXYZ Launches New Version with Gratitude to 500,000+ Users!

Jan 1, 2024

Exciting Update: TXYZ Launches New Version with Gratitude to 500,000+ Users!

We believe that the bell entering 2024 is still ringing in everyone’s ears, we are thrilled to announce some exciting news – the official launch of the brand-new version of TXYZ! Over the past 100 days, we have been honored to join hands with more than 500,000 users from around the world. We extend our deepest gratitude for your trust and usage of the beta version during this period, and we are especially thankful for the invaluable feedback and suggestions you have provided.

With your encouragement and support, we have not only gained the favor of hundreds of thousands of users but also received a wealth of insightful opinions and suggestions. This has been a tremendous source of inspiration for us, enabling a profound understanding of user needs. In our relentless pursuit of improvement and to better meet your expectations, we have engaged in extensive optimizations and enhancements.

After dedicated efforts, we are pleased to announce the successful launch of the new version at the beginning of 2024. This version is not just a culmination of past experiences but also a glimpse into the future. In the coming year, TXYZ promises a renewed user experience, with more powerful and convenient features waiting for you to explore.

The following are some specific aspects of the new product that you can experience.

  • Natural language search
    The new version supports natural language search. Simply tell us what you are looking for, and our AI assistant will help you find the most relevant research papers!

  • More convenient library management
    You can easily preview papers in the daily digest or search results, and collect those you want to save permanently to your library with one click. Your library is your all-in-one place for research documents and AI chat sessions.

  • More flexible document uploading
    You can now upload files from your computer or paste a URL that directs to a PDF file, and a “multi-doc chatting” feature is on the way!

  • Faster performance
    Say goodbye to sluggish newsfeeds and slow-loading PDFs! We've significantly improved loading times, so you can now get your news fix and access crucial documents faster than ever. But the speed boost doesn't stop there! We've also enhanced overall responsiveness, meaning smoother navigation and more intuitive interactions - making your experience a breeze.

"New Year, New Outlook," we will continue to listen to your voices, striving to enhance product quality and provide you with even better, more convenient services. At this special moment, we want to express our sincere thanks to all TXYZ users for their unwavering support. It is through your support and companionship that TXYZ continues to progress, ushering in a brighter tomorrow.

Let us anticipate greater achievements for TXYZ in the new year, bringing more surprises and conveniences to users! Thank you for your continued support!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and success in all endeavors!